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Sweet Celebrations

I’m Tarryn. I’m a crafter, planner, lover of paper and stationery, wife & mum to two beautiful childrenEthanfour years old and Charlotte who is two. 

My husband and I moved down to the Peninsula just before my boy’s first birthday. We knew we wanted to live by the beach and raise our children with fresh air, space and no traffic. I had always loved throwing parties and found my outlet whilst planning Ethan’s 1st birthday party. I had decorated his nursery in a nautical theme (perfect for moving to the beach!) and ran with that theme whilst planning his party. I soon realised how hard it was to get party products and services down here. I found myself driving all over the Peninsula, up into Melbourne, and online shopping until all hours of the night

couldn’t fit the helium balloons I wanted in my car, but I couldn’t get anyone to deliver themI had to book out all my visiting family members with different jobs and pickups, racing around on the day of the party to get things doneI thought to myselfThis is a fulltime job!” Then I thought… “I wish this was my fulltime job!” So, with the support of my amazing husband, I set up Sweet Celebrations to indulge my obsession with all things parties and planning, and to make it a little bit easier for mums (and dads!) on the Peninsula to throw that amazing birthday party

Having our own bakery already, and my husband being a baker, means I’m fortunate enough to have access to great suppliers, a commercial kitchen, and some experienced pastry chefs! We can plan your child’s perfect party from conception and theming, through to entertainment, catering and decoration.

“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.”

-Walt Disney


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